About us


is a Mexican jewellery brand created by Georgina Prieto six years ago.

All the designs are influenced by the objects that capture her attention, trips and her day to day. Geometry - something that appears throughout her career as a jewelry designer - and architecture, play an important role in her creative process, making them fundamental elements for her inspiration.

Another very distinctive feature in ´s design is how it can mix and match, as well as the tendency of mixing gold and sterling silver in various pieces.

never stop evolving, that´s why a couple of years ago, Georgina started using onyx, malachite, coral and sapphire stones

Every necklace, choker, ring, earring or brooch are handcrafted by the best Mexican artisans in Mexico City.

Georgina Prieto (Chihuahua, 1981) worked in the makeup and publicity industry almost ten years ago. Since 2011, she arrived to Mexico City, where she founded .

She became a jewelry designer quite organically, after friends and family asked her to designed for them. That's how her interest of creating her own jewelry brand grew and culminated when she founded in 2012.